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Arizona’s business community can help children obtain a great Jewish education and promote school choice. These funds help eligible children receive a quality private education.
JETCO contributions go toward scholarships for students in need in Southern Arizona.


When your company contributes to a recognized non-profit (501(c) (3)) School Tuition Organization, like the Jewish Education Tax Credit Organization (JETCO) it is given a dollar-for-dollar Arizona state tax credit. Participation in JETCO assures that finances are not a barrier for any family wishing to provide their child a Jewish education in a Jewish learning environment.

Your company will be listed as a donor who cares on the JETCO website.

Your Community

Arizona citizens have spoken! They want the best education for each individual child. When that “Best Education” means tuition — your company can make all the difference. And, remember, it will be recognized by the state through a dollar-for-dollar tax credit.

Arizona State has demonstrated a commitment to the education of her children through strengthening school choice options. When parents choose… Arizona wins. In fact, When Parents Choose… America Wins!

Who can donate?

– C corporations
– S corporations that file a 120S corporate income tax return
– Insurance companies operating in Arizona

Please consider participating in this tax credit program today!

How Does a Corporation Participate in this Tax Credit Program?

Step 1: Corporations and Insurance companies fill out an application required by the Arizona Department of Revenue (ADOR) and send that form to JETCO.

Step 2: JETCO will send the form to ADOR by Email. The ADOR will confirm the tax standing of the corporation and verify that there are sufficient funds in the state’s account to cover the requested donation.

Step 3: ADOR responds to the request for pre-approval within twenty days of receiving the request. The request will be approved if the state cap has not yet been met. In the event a request is received for an amount that is greater than the remaining amount under the cap, ADOR will approve only the amount remaining. For example, if $500,000 is left under the cap and a request is received for $750,000, ADOR shall approve only $500,000.

Step 4: ADOR will respond to JETCO either approving or denying the application. JETCO will notify the donor corporation of their standing on the same day ADOR notifies JETCO.

Step 5: The corporation has twenty days following the notification to make their donation to JETCO. (JETCO must receive the check before the State’s 20-day deadline). This is 20 days period. Not business days. If they miss that deadline, their application expires.

Step 6: JETCO will notify ADOR upon receipt of the donation. As stated above, if the corporation fails to make the donation to JETCO within twenty days of being notified of the approval, the corporation is no longer approved for the donation and would be required to submit a new pre-approval form.

Want to donate?

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