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What is JETCO?

JETCO is the Jewish Education Tax Credit Organization, a non profit that raises money to provide scholarships to for students to attend Jewish Schools in Southern Arizona.

Why donate ?

Give a child the gift of a quality education. Get every dollar back in reduced taxes.

JETCO is an educational tax credit organization which makes it easy for you to support Jewish education through personal or corporate tax credit donations . 


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It’s Simple !

Donate here and receive a dollar-for-dollar tax credit on your Arizona State income tax return for your contribution to JETCO and help a child receive an excellent education.

Why donate to JETCO ?

Why donate to JETCO?

As the only Jewish school tuition organization in Southern Arizona solely benefiting students at Jewish schools in Tucson, all contributions to JETCO currently go toward scholarships to students in need at Tucson Hebrew Academy and Congregation Anshei Israel Esther B. Feldman Kindergarten, helping students at these schools to receive an excellent Jewish education.

returnDonate to JETCO and use your tax dollars to help a child receive a Jewish education.

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Call us at (520) 647-8442
JETCO is located at: 3822 East River Road Tucson, AZ 85718

We have a monthly payment option!

We have a monthly payment option available to help make giving the gift of education even easier! You can also claim a tax credit for contributions made to public schools and the working poor tax credit. Click Here for Arizona Department of Revenue tax credit information.

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